Palo Alto Intellectual Property Attorney

California High Tech and IP Attorney

The ingenuity of innovation is one of the hallmarks of the human mind. The Law Offices of Barry N. Young, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California, helps entrepreneurs and businesses protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property to achieve business and strategic objectives.  Our lead attorney, Barry N. Young, has focused his practice on intellectual property law for more than three decades. We use our knowledge and experience to help acquire, preserve and enforce your IP rights to your innovations.

Focused on Intellectual Property

Patent and intellectual property (IP) are highly technical areas of law.  We have broad experience in these areas of the law, and we understand how to structure IP to maximize its value and return on investment.   We provide global intellectual property counseling and representation to clients to assist them develop a portfolio of intellectual property rights assets including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and technology agreements that support their business objectives.  We guide clients through the IP acquisition process, and obtain patents with broad enforceable claims that protect innovations. If a claim is rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we advocate on behalf of our clients before the Examiner, the U.S.P.T.O. Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) and the courts to obtain issuance of the patent.

As a part of our legal practice, we also provide independent outside litigation counseling to general practice firms and companies anticipating or undergoing patent or other IP litigation.  Using our knowledge and experience we formulate effective strategies to protect and enforce IP rights.  We also defend those accused of IP patent infringement by providing analysis and well-reasoned opinions of counsel as well as advice on design around to avoid infringement.

With over three decades experience in intellectual property law, we have the knowledge and experience to acquire, protect and utilize IP to safeguard your competitive advantage and achieve business objectives.

Extensive Experience in Various Technology Fields

We represent many small to medium sized start up and emerging growth companies, and entrepreneurs, in complex high technology fields where patent infringement is often a widely held concern. With a background in electrical, computer and software engineering, we have experience advancing the law as to the patentability of cutting edge technologies such as software and computer-implemented inventions.  With our office located directly in the Silicon Valley, we are well positioned to serve evolving high-technology industries.