Intellectual Property Analysis and Opinions

Navigating through the minefield of IP rights, such as patents of competitors can be a daunting and treacherous task. Third-party IP rights create legal barriers that can block market entry, limit the ability to effectively compete, and impair the value of an enterprise’s technological innovations and creative efforts. Notice of adverse IP rights imposes a duty to avoid infringement, and increases the risk of being found liable for willful infringement and increased damages.

We have substantial experienced in analyzing IP, such as patents, in a wide variety of technologies, and in advising clients and rendering legal opinions as to the scope, validity and enforceability of the IP rights. We can assist clients in understanding the coverage of adverse patents, advise them on freedom to operate issues, and guide them in designing around adverse patents to avoid infringement. We represent our own clients as well as to clients of other law firms who are facing threatened infringement litigation or who are involved in litigation, and provide IP analysis, opinions and strategic and tactical advice for succesful resolution of disputes.