Intellectual Property Enforcement — Litigation / Licensing

Intellectual Property rights may be used both offensively and defensively, and can be enforced in many ways. They can be litigated for control, or licensed for revenue and to afford freedom to operate; they can enhance a company’s valuation for financing, acquisition or merger; they can help to establish new business relationships; and they can facilitate market entry or maintain market position by limiting competition or increasing the cost to competitors of market entry.

We are experienced in utilization and enforcement mechanisms, such as litigation, parterning and licensing, and are knowledgeable in structuring IP rights to enable clients to achieve their business objectives. We assist clients in licensing their own IP, in designing around, licensing or acquiring third party IP, and in asserting or defending claims in IP litigation.

We understand IP litigation and the cost in money and resources litigation frequently entails. We represent clients aggressively and cost-effectively for successful resolution of defensive and offensive IP litigation.