Patent Portfolio Development

Patents represent the most comprehensive and effective form of IP for protecting technology. We have an excellent reputation for securing high quality, broad and enforceable patents in a variety of complex technologies, including technologies that traditionally have been difficult to protect such as computer software, internet, and business method inventions.

Because we litigate patents, we understand how to draft and prosecute patent applications to enhance the likelihood that the resulting patent claims will be given their desired broad breath and construction by courts to maximize their coverage of infringements, as well as to be found valid and enforceable.

Moreover, we understand not just how to protect innovation, but what aspects of innovation should be protected, and how to do so in a way that maximizes the return on IP investment. Since we file and prosecute patent applications domestically as well as in foreign countries, we can assist clients in cost-effectively structuring portfolios of selected U.S. and foreign patents to optimize protection for different innovations, different geographic markets, and different business strategies.