Palo Alto Patent Litigation Attorney

California Patent Infringement Attorney

The world of business is run on innovative ideas. At the Law Offices of Barry N. Young, we help businesses protect these innovations from intellectual property theft and infringement, and maximize their return on investment. Based in Palo Alto, California, we represent clients throughout Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay area, nationally and internationally seeking to enforce patents or to defend clients who have been accused of patent infringement. We  provide stratigic counseling services to clients currently involved in patent litigation and pre-litigation analysis to those thinking about taking legal action for patent infringement.

Protecting Clients Involved In or Contemplating Litigation

Many businesses believe that receiving a patent offers complete protection against infringement. However, when a patent is asserted accused infringers and patent holders may need to take sophisticated measures to protect their rights and interests. We help clients:

  • Review patents of others and advise how to avoid infringement
  • Investigate and gather evidence indicating infringement of their patents
  • Seek alternative resolutions, including cessation of infringement through license or royalties agreements
  • Prosecute unabated or wilful patent infringement in a court of law if necessary
  • License technology for revenue and freedom to operate

We have focused our practice on intellectual property acquisition, utilization, disputes and appeals for over three decades.  Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the evidence of infringement and carefully analyze the patent in question to determine the best course of action.

Examining All the Evidence in Intellectual Property Disputes

Damages for infringement could triple if the infringement is wilful, and awards may include attorney fees and court costs against an infringing party. A well-reasoned opinion of counsel from an experienced intellectual property law attorney is often the best defense against wilful infringement. If you have questions about patent infringement, we will investigate your products or processes, analyze the patent, advise as to infringement, and prepare an opinion of counsel as appropriate.

Helping Businesses Make Informed Decisions

Even if you are already involved in an infringement lawsuit, we provide independent oversight of your patent litigation counsel and counseling so you can make informed decisions regarding the case. Our top lawyer, Barry Young, will help plan strategy and tactics to advance business objectives, examine current litigation approaches and assess risks and likelihood for success.